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Jerry "Motorman" Paladino, Surviving the Mean Streets DVDOne issue you may have heard of is the “accordion” effect. This is where when a group of bikes are stopped at a stoplight or stop sign. When the group takes off, in a bigger group, the leaders are already approaching speed limit and there are still some riders waiting for traffic to clear or they got caught by the red light again. This makes your group stretch out like a spring. The riders in the rear have to accelrate hard to catch up with the rest of the pack.

The opposite effect is where the riders in the front are slowing for a speed zone or traffic stop. The group compresses and if you don’t pay attention, can get scary really quick. Now the guys in the rear have to shut down quickly and safely and not run into those riders ahead of them. Just like an accordian or a spring. Back and forth. Stretch and compress. To counter this, the lead riders should acclerate more slowly and evenly to let the rest of the pack stay up with them.

Riding in a staggered formation gives you more cushion and maneuvering room if anything comes up. I know it looks “cool” to ride side by side. You will see some big groups doing this. Motorcycle Police Officers sometimes do this also to show off for the public (really because they are talking with their partner). The problem with riding side by side is if a problem comes up, like a dog darting in front of you, or a car cutting you off, you have no place to go.

Another tip is the “Two Second” Rule. The following video gives a visual demostration of this rule. In a nutshell, this simply means to space yourself about two seconds from the bike ahead of you on your side of the lane. The purpose of this type formation is to give you extra time and room to respond if something unexpected comes up.

Watch the video and see these tips demonstrated:


Jerry Paladino has a series of Ride Like A Pro DVD’s that every motorcycle rider should watch. Here is my affiliate link to the newest version of the essential priceless DVD. I will admit, affiliate or not, that some of the tips I saw when I watched my copy of this DVD saved me more than once. I highly recommend his DVDs from first hand experience.


Ride often! Ride Safe! Enjoy the Ride!

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